New adventures

Posted on 10th April 2020


Beautiful vintage crockery

& a new adventure


As years go 2019 was a pretty big year for my family and I.  We moved to a new town, our eldest child started secondary school, our youngest settled well into her new school and at the end of the year I became the new owner of Bristol Vintage – exciting times!

We are now four months into 2020 and this year feels like an even bigger year than last, though not for any of the reasons many people had been planning for, myself included.

As I write this the UK is coming to the end of its third week of lock down as a result of the Covid 19 Pandemic and as a family we are settling into a new rhythm and routine.

I am a Primary school teacher by trade and have spent the last 6 months working part time at a very lovely local primary school. Whilst I wait for my key worker shifts to come around I have found myself with time to think about the way I would like to run Bristol Vintage and the changes I would like to make.

A blog is something that I have been thinking about for a while, letting the ideas float around in my head but not feeling quite brave enough to publish them. I have so many thoughts about the way I would like Bristol Vintage to grow and many ideas of things I would like to share. Now with some time on my hands it seems like the perfect moment to start.

In this first post I wanted to briefly introduce myself to you.  Over time I will be writing more about my own story and what I do here at Bristol Vintage, sharing with you tablescape ideas, recipes, images of beautiful vintage crockery and sources of inspiration that I hope you will find interesting and useful.

I am very much looking forward to getting started on this journey and so until next time.

Lisa x